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Sanyal Group
The Sanyal Group pursues interdisciplinary research in the area of organic synthesis of drugs molecules, drug delivery systems, polymeric biomaterials and fabrication of micro and nano-materials.
Research projects involve the creative use of organic, polymer and nano-chemistry to make functional materials that can be used for targeted drug delivery and bioassay/biosensing platforms.
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Congrats to our new graduate: Dr. Filiz Çalık, PhD
Yavuz is off to UCLA! Good luck with your PostDoc stint!
Yavuz Oz receives Best PhD Thesis Award from University. Congrats!
Congratulations to our newest PhD, Dr. Yavuz Öz!
Congratulations Merve Karacivi! Fantastic PhD defense!

Latest Publication

Molecular Imprinted Polymers

‘Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Coated Inorganic Nanoparticles: Fabrication and Biomedical Applications’

Orbay, S., Kocaturk, O., Sanyal, R. and Sanyal, A.

Micromachines 202213(9), 1464 (Invited Article)

Redox-Responsive Hydrogel

‘Fast-Forming Dissolvable Redox-Responsive Hydrogels: Exploiting the Orthogonality of Thiol–Maleimide and Thiol–Disulfide Exchange Chemistry’

Altinbasak, I., Kocak, S., Sanyal, R., Sanyal, A.

Biomacromolecules 2022, 23, 9, 3525–3534