Ph.D Student
Educational Background: 

Bsc : Selcuk University

Msc : Selcuk University

Phd candidate, Bogazici University


Functionalizable Hydrogels, Photopolymerization, Controlled Drug Delivery.


Aydin, D., Arslan, M., Sanyal, A. and Sanyal, R.

‘Hooked on Cryogels: A Carbamate Linker Based Depot for Slow Drug Release’

Bioconjugate Chemistry 201728, 1443–1451.


Mehmet Arslan, Duygu Aydin, Aysun Degirmenci, Amitav Sanyal, and Rana Sanyal

'Embedding Well-Defined Responsive Hydrogels with Nanocontainers:Tunable Materials from Telechelic Polymers and Cyclodextrins'

ACS Omega 2017, 2 (10), 6658-6667.


Gevrek, T. N., Cosar, M., Aydin, D., Kaga, E., Arslan, M., Sanyal, R. and Sanyal, A.

‘Facile Fabrication of a Modular “Catch and Release” Hydrogel Interface: Harnessing Thiol–Disulfide Exchange for Reversible Protein Capture and Cell Attachment’

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2018, 10(17), 14399-14409.


Rosselle, L., Cantelmo, A. R., Barras, A., Skandrani, N., Pastore, M., Aydin, D., Chambre, L., Sanyal, R., Sanyal, A., Boukherroub, R. and Szunerits. S.

‘An ‘on-demand’ photothermal antibiotic release cryogel patch: evaluation of efficacy on an ex vivo model for skin wound infection’
Biomaterials Science (RSC), 2020, 8, 5911-5919.


Chambre, L., Rosselle, L., Barras, A., Aydin, D., Loczechin, A., Gunbay, S., Sanyal, R., Skandrani, N., Metzler-Nolte, N., Bandow, J. E., Boukherroub, R., Szunerits, S. and Sanyal, A.

‘Photothermally Active Cryogel Devices for Effective Release of Antimicrobial Peptides: On-Demand Treatment of Infections’

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2020, 12, 56805−56814.



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