Filiz Calik
Educational Background: 

BS Ondokuz Mayis University

MS Bogazici University

PhD candidate Bogazici University



Synthesis of dendron-polymer conjugates for drug delivery



Unsal, H.; Onbulak, S.; Calik, F.; Er-Rafik, M.; Schmutz, M.; Sanyal, A. and Rzayev, J.

‘Interplay between Molecular Packing, Drug Loading, and Core Cross-Linking in Bottlebrush Copolymer Micelles’

Macromolecules, 2017, 50, 1342-1352.


Calik, F., Degirmenci, A., Eceoglu, M., Sanyal, A. and Sanyal, R.

‘Dendron–Polymer Conjugate Based Cross-Linked Micelles: A Robust and Versatile Nanosystem for Targeted Delivery’

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2019, 30 (4), 1087–1097.