Laura Chambre
Ph.D Student
Educational Background: 

BSc Chemical Management (Florida Institute of Technology/ SKEMA)

MSc Chemistry ( Florida Institute of Technology) 

Synthesis of theranostic nanogels that can be used for drug delivery as well as imaging.




Aktan, B.; Chambre, L.; Sanyal, R. and Sanyal, A.

‘“Clickable” Nanogels via Thermally Driven Self-Assembly of Polymers: Facile Access to Targeted Imaging Platforms using Thiol–Maleimide Conjugation’

Biomacromolecules, 2017, 18, 490-497.


Chambre, L., Degirmenci, A., Sanyal, R. and Sanyal, A.

‘Multi-Functional Nanogels as Theranostic Platforms: Exploiting Reversible and Nonreversible Linkages for Targeting, Imaging, and Drug Delivery’,

Bioconjugate Chemistry2018, 29(6), 1885-1896.


Chambre, L.; Saw, W. S.; Ekineker, G.; Kiew, L. V.; Chong, W. Y.; Lee, H. B.; Chung, L. Y.; Bretonnière, Y.; Dumoulin, F. and Sanyal, A.

‘Surfactant-Free Direct Access to Porphyrin-Cross-Linked Nanogels for Photodynamic and Photothermal Therapy’

Bioconjugate Chemistry2018, 29(12), 4149-4159.


Chambre, L., Maouati, H., Oz, Y., Sanyal, R. and Sanyal, A.

Thiol-Reactive Clickable Cryogels: Importance of Macroporosity and Linkers on Biomolecular Immobilization

Bioconjugate Chemistry 2020, 31(9), 2116-2124


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