Yavuz ÖZ
Educational Background: 

Gazi University, BSc, Chemistry, 2006-2010

Bogazici University, Msc, Chemistry, 2011-2014

Bogazici University, PhD, Chemistry, 2014-


Magnetic Nanoparticles, Polymer Coatings, Graphene based Materials


1.'Functionalization of Reduced Graphene Oxide via Thiol–Maleimide “Click” Chemistry: Facile Fabrication of Targeted Drug Delivery Vehicles'

Oz, Y.; Barras, A.; Sanyal, R.; Boukherroub, R.; Szunerits, S.; Sanyal, A.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017, 9, 34194-34203

2.‘Magnetic reduced graphene oxide loaded hydrogels: Highly versatile and efficient adsorbents for dyes and selective Cr(VI) ions removal’ 

Halouane, F., Oz, Y.,  Meziane, D., Barras, A., Juraszek, J., Singh, S. K., Kurungot, S., Shaw, P. K., Sanyal, R., Boukherroub, R., Sanyal, A., Szunerits, S.

Journal of Colloid & Interface Science, 2017, 507, 360-369.

3. “Photothermally triggered on-demand insulin release from reduced graphene oxide modified hydrogels”

Teodorescu, F.; Oz, Y.; Quéniat, G.; Abderrahmani, A.; Foulon, C.; Lecoeur, M.; Sanyal, R.; Sanyal, A.; Boukherroub, R.; Szunerits, S.

Journal of Controlled Release2017, 246, 164-173.

4. "Modular Fabrication of Polymer Brush Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles: Engineering the Interface for Targeted Cellular Imaging"

Oz, Y.; Arslan, M.; Gevrek, TN.; Sanyal, R.; Sanyal, A.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2016, 8 (30), 19813-19826.

5.‘The Taming of the Maleimide: Fabrication of Maleimide‐Containing ‘Clickable’ Polymeric Materials’

Oz, Y. and Sanyal, A. 

The Chemical Record, 2018, 18, 570-586.

6. ‘Magnetic Glyconanoparticles for Selective Lectin Separation and Purification’

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7.'Thiol-Reactive Clickable Cryogels: Importance of Macroporosity and Linkers on Biomolecular Immobilization' 

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Bioconjugate Chemistry 2020, 31(9), 2116-2124.