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Sanyal Group
The Sanyal Group pursues interdisciplinary research in the area of organic synthesis of drugs molecules, drug delivery systems, polymeric biomaterials and fabrication of micro and nano-materials.
Research projects involve the creative use of organic, polymer and nano-chemistry to make functional materials that can be used for targeted drug delivery and bioassay/biosensing platforms.
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Tugce defends her PhD thesis. Congrats!
Ozlem defends her PhD successfully. Congrats!
Burcu defends her PhD thesis successfully. Congrats Doc!
Sadik defends his PhD! Congratulations!!
Congrats Ismail on release of Protein Releasing Hydrogel paper in RSc Advances!

Latest Publication

Arslan, M.; Aydin, D.; Degirmenci, A.; Sanyal, A. and Sanyal, R.

‘Embedding Well-Defined Responsive Hydrogels with Nanocontainers: Tunable Materials from Telechelic Polymers and Cyclodextrins’

ACS Omega, 2017, 2 (10), 6658–6667.

Kaga, S.; Truong, N. P.; Esser, L.; Senyschyn, D.; Sanyal, A.; Sanyal, R.; Quinn, J. F.; Davis, T. P.; Kaminskas, L. M. and Whittaker, M. R.

‘Influence of Size and Shape on the Biodistribution of Nanoparticles Prepared by Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly’

Biomacromolecules, 2017, 18 (12), 3963–3970.